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So I often say I hate fanart at times, but, seeming I lack the creativity these days to draw my own characters, I'm left with a few options:

Hetalia -
Germany, Prussia and Austria being my favourite characters [I don't care much for the rest of the main cast orz]. I love drawing Prussia, that's obviously confirmed, and I've no idea on how to draw the other two; but I intend on doing art of those two in future.

Silent Hill -
I'm not all that fond of Silent Hill 3, but I still feel like drawing Heather in a style similar to this:

der hellste Stern von allen by Hikari-Starr

I think it would suit her, and idk, I have a thing for doing the 'holy' theme.

Bayonetta -
...Shh I actually find her attractive and not similar to Sarah Palin orz [no offence but whoever first made that comparison is kinda dumb I: ]. The detail in her character design is just lush and sjdhjsdhjf I want to draw her really bad sometime.

Other -
People's commissions. Definitely.

But, I don't know, what do you think of the fanart ideas..? What would you be most interested to see? I have trouble making decisions on my own so..
Also, more men or women? I've been told I can draw men lately so I've been all 'bounding straight into drawing mens.' But, I'm suddenly at a point where I think my art is terrible again, and grown shy once more. ;  ;

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October 8, 2011